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First winner in 1500 m free swimming Marios Dikaiakos.

In these games we have to say that beyond the organizers (Messinian – Kalamata’s Nautical Club) there where also other people that helped in the organization.

Those were Prefect Krevvatas, and the President of E.TH.E. (Greek Maritime Union) Loundras admiral who attended and expressed his enthusiasm for mass participation and the successful organization of the Games.

That is what Marios Dikaiakos writes in his letter.

“At Presidency of Dimakakou Paul referred to the Board and while the late B. Georgopoulos naval agent, was also active the events had national impact and repeatedly the «Poseidon» accepted the congratulations of E.TH.E.

For the first decade of 1930 we should mention one other major long-distance athlete, the Sykioti Themistocles, who had success in diving, as well as the unforgettable «.........» P. Ioannidis. Both Marios Dikaiakos and Themistokles Sykiotis with the President Paul Dimakako are visible in the photo and the younger should take a look at the swimsuits our champions wear at that time.

I read in an off print that in 1932 under the Presidency Dimakakou the «Poseidon» cultivates the following sports: SWIMMING - DIVES - POLO, and football, but I have no other information for 10/years in 1930. This is the fate of mankind 1939-1944. Second World War.

Everything fades away until 1946 where all started to work slowly again at late 1948 on 17 July, so says an old paper that I have, the Nautical part of the «POSEIDONA» together with corresponding Shipping clubs of Kalamata, «APOLLON», «PRASINA POULIA», «AEK» and with the financial support of the newspaper «AKROPOLIS», became the first «AKROPOLEIA».

I am referring to the Nautical Department of «POSEIDONA» and that is because the football department also existed then and the team back then consisted of the following:

Goalkeepers Nikolakeas - P. Katsouleas - Lebesis P. and: I. Kommatas - Skalkeas Lakis - Koutouvelas G. - Androvitsaneas P. - Bitzonidis Her. - Bitzonidis Telis - Xarcheas - Ntaifas Panos – Manolakos Ant. - Kartsonas G. – Kontolaimos G. - Nick Parthenios - Parthenios John. - Kastanos Tasos - Rammeas Mimis – Vryonis Dim. - Mouselimis Sot. etc. and to the Board , also included the active and popular Dimitrios Karageorgis.

The football department of «POSEIDONA» was an integral part of the K.N.C and maintained and acted under the governance of the late President Elias Kellarakos, who in those difficult years of anguish, if not no other I would say very few had the courage to keep active with sport and particularly football as Elias Kellarakos. The supporters will remember him...

The players, friends and why not, ALL supporters sung:

Trident is our motto
to color the sea
with the blue t-shirts
will all go ahead.

Athlete if you want to become at this club training should be hundred etc. etc.

Panos Ntaifas with the nickname, necessary for the time, «Kavoutsos» remembered and sang to us those quotes with his tolerant voice.

So therefore the first AKROPOLEIA, the writer at age 12 years, took part in the 50 meters backstroke, then existing child category and I was first...

They say that is reflected in the minds of young children, is indelible.

Indeed I remember ... The turnout was mass. The port looked like as if it was sinking. It was like I see them all now. Then I did not understand how I got in to this and I never understood how that ... start would be the starting of our club, which was to last until 1963. In 1960, I last raced in Kavala with the POLO team, serving as a reserve officer.

The greatness of this course, which is the course of all my fellow athletes, and I say to YOU the present athletes of K.N.C to YOU who are the soul of this club, is that I can remember now, I have to say for the past and to take courage for the future.

In 1948 I remember from the Board apart from the President B. Georgopoulos also Elia Pierrakea. For the late B. Georgopoulos please allow me to say that we owe the existence of the club to him.

He and only he, with the love of supporters and support of everyone in the Port (Port Authorities - ship brokers - Ergol. Port – Port workers – Port professionals) never tired, B. Georgopoulos, reinstated the K.N.C. in racing position after the war.

In remembrance of this man and his relative Takis Kaliamvakou for whom will talk about later, I urge the current Board to organize indoor games or something else to remember and honor the memory of all these people”.



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