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At LASER 4.7 European sailing championship in France the Tsamis Efstathios NOK

In the European sailing championship for boats LASER 4.7 type in CROZON - MORGAT France from July 2 to July 9, will participate with the Greek mission the Tsamis Fourteen sailor Efstathios Navy Kalamata Group.

Fifteen sailors from all over Greece will participate in this European championship, trying to keep the tradition of a Greek distinction.

Representing the Naval Group Kalamata international organization will have the opportunity ambitious yachtsman, which will make the effort in Atlantic waters, anticipating a positive presence.

Among the 210 entries (boys) European championship from 26 countries will try to gain experience and skills for the future.

Preparation, apart from the main coach of the race sailing of NOK Panagiotis Limnio, strengthen and Kalamatianos coach and world champion Verginadis Panagiotis in Athens, while in the European championship will be under the guidance of world champion Anthony Bougiouris.

The Nautical Club of Kalamata here must thank the company GENESIS PHARMA for the support and assistance, helper part of sailing, offering a LASER type vessel, supply vessel for the present and a legacy for the future generations to come.


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