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Water Polo

Water Polo

Water polo is a group sport that takes place in a pool by two seven-member teams (six players and one goalkeeper). The goal of the game is to achieve goals by throwing the ball in the goal guarded by the goalkeeper, and the winner is the team with the most goals.
    The water polo academies of the Nautical Club of Kalamatas consist of:
-knowledge with the sport (for young children of 7 years and beginners),
-mini children,
   The academies are open all year round and athletes are trained at the Municipal Swimming Pool of Kalamata by graduated coaches. Head coach: Efstathios Bakolias.
   The men's team of the Nautical Club of Kalamata is in the Greek B Water Polo League and consists of the following:
Coach: Efstathios Bakolias
Athletes:Angos Iordanis
              Apostolakos Ioannis
              Vernardos Stavros
              Gkoumas Georgios
              Theodorakopoulos Stylianos
              Karpetas Kon/nos
              Kosifologos Athanasios
              Koutsialis Aristotelis
              Makris Michalis
              Mengos Panagiotis
              Moustakas- Malarnt Filip-Sotirios
              Biris Kon/nos
              Panagiotaros Nikolaos
              Tzouvelis Kon/nos
              Tranganidas Vasileios-Effraim
              Tsigonias-Andritsos Georgios
              Tranganidas Vasileios-Effraim

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