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Long Distance Swimming Marathon

Long Distance Swimming Marathon

The human body needs a continuous and full vitality movement, in order to maintain youthful, healthy and in good physical condition. Experts have concluded that the best exercise is swimming.

The body contact with water rejuvenates us, makes us feel stronger. Surely then, is the best fitness, for both children and for older people, for pregnant women, but also for people with disabilities.

Especially for small ages is scientifically proven that children exercise and have greater adaptability to environmental conditions.

Swimming improves strength and coordination. It is very good aerobic exercise that has resulted in loss of several calories and thus fat loss.

Even swimming in a moderate intensity burn many calories than a person burns while running in relatively fast pace. Swimming exercises most muscle groups than any sport.

The resistance of water activates all muscles to enable the body to move in it. Makes the heart and lungs work more satisfactory.

It is the safest way to exercise, since the water supports the body and does not tire bones of the body, a phenomenon common in sports off water. (That's why swimming is proposed as a means of rehabilitation after injury or other musculoskeletal problems).

Learning swimming allows us to safely enjoy the joys of the sea and to know other water sports (water polo, sailing, skiing, underwater fishing, diving, etc.).

Swimming plays a large role in shaping the character and skills of a child.

Children develop confidence, coordination, conscious discipline, perseverance, etc on contact with water.


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